Epson L3110 Red Light Blinking Problem Solution | Epson L3110 L3115 L3116 Resetter Download

 Epson L3110 Red Light Blinking Problem Solution 

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Welcome to our new post today, in today's post, I will tell you why the service required error comes in Epson L1310 and Epson L1315 and how to correct it.


Why service required error occurs in Epson printer?

 This error comes when we repeatedly clean the head or print photos or turn the printer on and off, then the printer cleans its head. The bad ink that comes out while cleaning the head is a tank in the printer which has an ink-absorbing pad, which is called an ink pad. Bad ink gets accumulated in that. Every time bad ink comes out, it accumulates in it. These ink pads are installed because the bad ink cannot reach the parts of the printer, otherwise the printer will get damaged. A memory is installed for the counting of this. So that we know that the ink is going above the tank, and get it service in time. This memory gets full due to which service request error occurs, and the red light starts blinking, and the printer stops printing. This memory is reset with a software and the ink pad is cleared, allowing the printer to work again

How to fix Epson L3110 red light blinking and How to fix Epson L3115 red light blinking

To fix Epson L3115 red light blinking error we need a software. Whose name is Epson Adjustment Program, this adjustment program is different for different printer models. The adjustment program I am giving here will work on all models of Epson L 3100. Epson L3110 Adjustment Program is to be downloaded from the link given below. After downloading the Epson L3110 Adjustment Program, extract it from rar or 7zip, and follow the given instructions.

How to use Epson  L3110 Resetter

1- After extracting, two types of folders will be found in it, in which the first is Epson L3110 Adjustment Program and the second is Keygen.

How to Activate Epson L3110 Adjustment Program
First of all, open the Epson L3110 Adjustment Program folder, and once in this folder, open the Adjustment Program (Adjprog.exe). An error message appears when the adjustment program is opened, during which the hardware ID of your machine is copied. This is why it is opened because you get the hardware id.

Epson L3115 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file
After this, you have to come back and open the Keygen folder. After coming to the Keygen folder, you have to double click the key gain (WLGen_Epson L3110.Exe), after the key gain is opened, click on the license manager on the first number. Clicking here will open a large window of the license manager. A license will be pre-created in the license manager, which has to be selected and deleted by clicking on the delete button at the top.
Epson L3115 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file

4- After this, a license has to be created by clicking on the button of Add License on the first number. Simply click on Ad License, on clicking here, a window of Ad License will open.

5- In the add license window, any one name has to be written in the customer name. In the second the name of the company will be asked, some name has to be entered in it, and in the third the most important hardware id, here you have to paste it by clicking the right button of the mouse. Because when we opened the adjustment program (Adjprog.exe), only then the hardware id was copied. That's why the hardware id can be pasted here. Leave all the others as is and click on save. After saving, the add license window will close.

6- After the window of add license is closed, a create license button is found on the fourth number in the license manager. Simply click on the Create License button, on clicking here, a popup message is received, in which it is told where the license folder is created. Simply make it OK. After this all keygen windows have to be closed.

7- After this you will see that another folder will be found in the Keygen folder, it will be found with the same name with which you had created the license. Simply open the folder containing this license, and copy all the files in this folder. After this, you have to come back, and open the epson adjustment program folder, and after coming in it, paste it in this folder. During the paste, some files are already present in it, so copy and replace all files have to be clicked.

8- After this the Adjustment Program (Adjprog.exe) has to be opened. A Pup message is received in which it is told that this program has been registered, it has to be made ok. As soon as you do ok, a window of Epson Adjustment Program will open. In the Epson Adjustment Program, first of all, you have to select your printer by clicking on the Select button. Whether you select or not, the Epson L3100 will work on all printer models. Let the port remain auto selected. After that click on ok.
Epson L3110 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file

Epson L3110 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file
9- After this, on the main page of the Epson Adjustment Program, click on the Particular Adjustment Mode. A window of particular adjustment will open in which the Waste Ink Pad Counter has to be found, and after selecting the Waste Ink Pad Counter, click on ok.

Epson L3115 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file
10- Another window of Waste Ink Pad Counter will open in front of you, in this check mark Main Pad Counter and click on initialize. After this a Pup message comes, it has to be ok. As soon as ok is done, the waste ink pad counting memory will be reset, and a Pup message comes in which it is said that turn off the printer and turn it on. 

Epson L3110 Resetter Adjustment Program Free download zip file

After this, as soon as you turn your printer off and on, the printer does its processing for some time, and gets ready to print.


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